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Get the help you need filing for divorce in Gwinnett

If you've decided that you want to get a divorce, it's probably with much debate and maybe even sour feelings. The first thing you'll need to decide on is the kind of divorce you're going to pursue. Is someone at fault for the marriage coming to an end, or are both parties to blame in one way or another?

The availability of weapons during divorce; can it be restricted?

A new bill in Georgia does have the potential to help with domestic violence and danger during divorce. A state lawmaker pre-filed a bill that could make it harder for those going through a divorce to get a gun; this is partially in response to some fears that anxiety, tension and drama during a divorce could lead to serious harm coming to one party or the other. However, this is a bill that will face significant challenges thanks to the given right to carry guns in the United States.

Why is an attorney helpful during a divorce?

Filing for a divorce isn't necessarily easy, but if you work with your attorney, you can keep your documents in order and make sure the divorce is moving as swiftly as possible. Divorces can be emotionally trying, but with the right support, you can be sure you fight for what's rightfully yours following your marriage.

Divorce proceedings don't have to be difficult

Getting a divorce is usually fraught with high emotions and hurt feelings. The commitment you thought would last a lifetime isn't working out that way, and your soon-to-be ex-spouse is angry and upset just like you are. You need to understand that this will pass, but for now, you need to be represented by a law office that has experience and knowledge of Georgia laws.

Counseling may help bitter parents be better co-parents

Your child is likely the most important person in your world, but divorces can be messy and lead to complications that influence what he or she sees. How you act with your spouse at this point can leave bitterness, confusion or anger in young minds. One of the things you may want to try is a co-parenting counseling session, which can help you learn to co-parent with an ex-spouse you may not want to see.

Children mean divorce isn't really the end

If you are nearing a divorce in Georgia, you are thinking of it as the end of your relationship -- perhaps the end of one of the biggest things that defines what your life is like. It all feels very final. You'll especially feel like this when the case is over and you are officially apart.

Can I legally revert to my maiden name during divorce?

Many women entering into a divorce do not give much thought to what their name will be when the marriage ends. Others may be on the fence about the issue with pros and cons for either choice clouding the decision. Others still may simply want to get out of the marriage as quickly as possible and never even consider reverting to their maiden names.

Georgia fault grounds for divorce

The grounds for divorce in the state of Georgia vary between traditional and contemporary. Today, many failing relationships turn to a no-fault divorce, but there are occasions when establishing fault can benefit at least one spouse. For example, a fault divorce may have an effect on spousal support or child custody decisions.

The benefits of divorcing with help from a lawyer

Couples seeking a divorce in Georgia have a couple of options at their disposal. They can try to go it alone using printed documents provided by the court or a reputable website. Alternatively, each spouse can acquire a divorce attorney to represent his or her interests. In the modern age, many choose to go forward without representation, and while this can work out fine in some cases, it can complicate the issues in other cases.

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