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How long will my Georgia divorce take?

The unpleasantness surrounding most divorces make both spouses wish it was already done and over. Unfortunately, the legal aspects of divorcing in Georgia and elsewhere take a little time.

An uncontested divorce presents the fewest complications. These divorces typically move forward the fastest and can be finalized in as few as 31 days. When either spouse contests the divorce, complications can arise to lengthen the time a divorce takes. In fact, particularly contentious divorces can take months or even years to finalize completely.

While this feels like terrible news for those who wish to complete a divorce as quickly as possible, there are a few things spouses can do to make the process proceed more effectively. For example, during the time you are waiting for your court appearance, you can ask for a temporary hearing in which to address related issues. These issues can include:

-- Child support-- Spousal support-- Child custody-- Parenting time-- Temporary property possession-- Debt division

While there is no guarantee that the issues addressed during a temporary hearing will make it into the final divorce decree, the temporary rulings could serve as a model. During the final trial, matters such as child custody, property division, child support and others will be decided. If possible, you and your spouse should try to come to an agreement on these matters or the judge will make the decisions instead.

Those who wish to expedite the divorce as quickly as possible should consider asking an attorney serving Georgia citizens for assistance. Often, such an attorney can provide valuable advice on how to speed up the process.

Source: Georgia State Bar, "Divorce," accessed Sep. 09, 2015

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