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The rewards of never giving up your quest to gain fathers' rights

As a dad seeking the right to share in parenting your child, you have probably heard the old saying that "fatherhood is its own reward." This statement is entirely accurate; the rewards you will reap are endless, even though you may have to work hard and endure emotional stress along the way. Many non-custodial fathers face monumental hurdles as they fight to gain their rights as a father. It is almost understandable when they decide to give up due to the burdens this fight may impose on themselves and especially their children.

While giving up is perhaps understandable, you should know that there truly is a light at the end of the tunnel. This is true for you, but more importantly, it is also true for your kids. Children need the balance of having two parental figures in their lives; two differing perspectives from which to learn and to grow. As you watch these small, youthful personalities blossom into well-balanced adults, you will be grateful you had the chance to observe and participate.

Your children, too, will feel thankful. They will feel glad that they had a dad who never gave up on being a part of their lives. Nothing on earth can replace this kind of inner security and the feeling that a strong father is always on their side.

Knowing all about these irreplaceable rewards is comforting, but it still does not address the problems associated with fighting for fathers' rights. However, there is a way to carry on but you probably cannot do it alone. Believe it or not, the law is on your side as more and more courts are favoring fathers in their quest to help raise their kids. Georgia is no exception and under the guidance of a committed family law attorney, you can one day reap your rewards by becoming the father you want to be.

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