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July 2015 Archives

The rewards of never giving up your quest to gain fathers' rights

As a dad seeking the right to share in parenting your child, you have probably heard the old saying that "fatherhood is its own reward." This statement is entirely accurate; the rewards you will reap are endless, even though you may have to work hard and endure emotional stress along the way. Many non-custodial fathers face monumental hurdles as they fight to gain their rights as a father. It is almost understandable when they decide to give up due to the burdens this fight may impose on themselves and especially their children.

Perseverance pays off for a Georgia domestic violence victim

Often after a domestic violence incident, many victims feel like giving up. They may be tired, ashamed or frightened and who could really blame them for such a response? After all, they often feel as if they allowed the violence to happen in the first place and they are simply glad it is over. Logically, people know this is not the case, but that knowledge does not ease these emotions for victims of domestic violence.

How can I negotiate a child support agreement out of court?

In a perfect world, you could accomplish this goal by sitting down to a simple discussion with your spouse about child support. You would then reach an agreement that satisfies the needs of all parties, have your lawyers draw up the documents and be done with the whole matter. Unfortunately, it is rarely a perfect world and the fact you are getting a divorce in the first place bears witness to its faults.

Getting prepared for your child custody hearing

Here is a typical scenario in Georgia and elsewhere: You have just survived a caustic divorce and all you want to do is unwind, lick your wounds and get on with life. Sure, it sounds like heaven, but if you have children, you are probably facing a child custody hearing, which means you will have to delay healing for a little while longer.

Georgia fault grounds for divorce

The grounds for divorce in the state of Georgia vary between traditional and contemporary. Today, many failing relationships turn to a no-fault divorce, but there are occasions when establishing fault can benefit at least one spouse. For example, a fault divorce may have an effect on spousal support or child custody decisions.

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