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December 2014 Archives

Child custody relocation cases in Georgia

After a child custody order has been issued, there are situations which may arise leading the custodial parent to want to relocate with the child. Especially in cases in which the resulting move would be a fair distance away or to another state, such a move can disrupt the other parent's ordered visitation with the child.

How stalking protective orders can help victims of violence

Some Georgia residents who have recently ended a romantic relationship or marriage find that their exes are unwilling to allow them to move on with their lives. In many cases, ex-partners may become violent or threaten to do so. They may frequently call, text or send letters to their exes, or they may follow them or hire someone to follow them. Stalkers do not always explicitly threaten to harm or kill their victims, but their behaviors are intended to cause their victims to feel constant fear.

Optimistic divorce statistics

Georgia couples may imagine that divorce rates are high based on various reports they have heard through the years, and many have heard estimates of at least half of U.S. marriages ending in divorce. However, these estimates are no longer accurate according to a recent report, as some studies indicate that the divorce rate is declining. Although rates were reportedly high during the 1970s and 1980s, those statistics may reflect a short-term change that has since leveled out.

How to challenge a paternity ruling in Georgia

If a man is named the legal father of a child, he may be required to provide support to the child and make his medical records available to the mother and child. However, a man may be named the father of a child by mistake. If a man thinks this is the case, he may challenge the paternity ruling in court.

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