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November 2014 Archives

Is it a requirement to use the Georgia Child Support Guidelines?

In many divorce cases, determining child support is not just a simple calculation based on a formula. That being said, there is a standard method for calculating child support that is based on the parents' income. However, a basic table or formula is often not an adequate tool because of the complex nature of most divorces.

Annulments and legal separations in Georgia

In addition to divorce, some couples who are ending their marriages are eligible for annulments in which their marriage is declared to be legally invalid. Still other couples who have little hope for reconciliation may choose to enter into a legal separation instead of a divorce. Georgia law provides grounds under which some people may be eligible for annulments and a method by which people can become legally separated instead of divorced as well.

DNA testing and paternity

Until paternity tests became a reality, it was sometimes difficult to prove or disprove that a man was a child's biological father. Now, doctors can compare a child's DNA with that of an alleged father to see if certain markers indicate a biological relationship. Proving paternity has become an integral part of establishing fathers' rights for many Georgia men.

Proving paternity in Georgia

Having a child is often one of the happiest moments of a a person's life, but when paternity issues come into question, it can make the experience less than exciting. Paternity laws vary in each state, but in Georgia, simply being the father of a child does not automatically establish paternity. Even signing a birth certificate will not guarantee a father the rights a parent deserves. Fortunately, there are mechanisms for accomplishing this even when the mother doesn't cooperate.

What happens if a parent does not pay child support?

Georgia residents may be unaware of what actions may occur when a non-custodial parent fails to pay child support owed pursuant to a court order. The enforcement actions that are taken are carried out by the Georgia Division of Child Support Services. Enforcement actions may begin when a case has become delinquent. A case is considered delinquent when the amount that is unpaid is equal to the amount that was ordered to be paid each month.

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