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The grounds for a divorce in Georgia

Altogether, there are 13 reasons sufficient to justify the dissolution of a marriage in the state of Georgia. One of these grounds for divorce is that the marriage is irretrievably broken. This is called a no-fault ground. The other 12 grounds for divorce involve some type of wrongdoing committed by one of the parties. These are known as fault grounds.

In order to file for a divorce on a no-fault basis, the marriage must be beyond repair and reconciliation must be out of the question. One spouse must show this to be the case regardless of whether the other spouse agrees. Neither spouse needs to establish that a specific wrongdoing was committed.

The 12 grounds for which an individual can file for a fault divorce cover a wide variety of wrongdoings. Among them, adultery, desertion and spousal abuse are commonly cited by divorcing spouses. The burden of proof falls on the spouses petitioning for the divorce and their family law attorneys.

While the grounds for divorce in Georgia may appear simple and straightforward, the process of dissolving a marriage, on any grounds, may prove to be not just exceedingly complicated but also highly contentious. That is each spouse involved in a divorce might retain the counsel and representation of a family law attorney. A lawyer may advise a spouse petitioning for a divorce whether a no-fault divorce is warranted. For example, if the spouse filing for divorce can provide evidence that the other party had committed adultery, was habitually intoxicated or concealed a pregnancy at the time of the marriage, then a no-fault divorce might not be warranted as those are all grounds for dissolving a marriage in the state of Georgia.

Source: State Bar of Georgia , "Divorce", October 18, 2014

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