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John Cleese works overtime to make alimony payments

Georgia fans of 'Monty Python" actor John Cleese may be surprised to hear that paying spousal support to his ex-wife is not as easy as the general public believes. In a new interview, the 74-year-old comedian talked about his divorce, "The Alimony Tour" and the perception that he does not need to work due to his enormous success.

After 16 years of marriage, Cleese and his psychotherapist wife Alyce Faye Eichelberger divorced in 2008. The divorce settlement that was finalized in 2009 for his third marriage allegedly required him to pay his ex-wife $13 million in cash and assets, as well as $1 million per year until 2016.

In the interview, Cleese said that people think celebrities like him are surrounded by wealth and choosy about the films that they support or turn down, but it is not really like that. He estimates that by 2016, he will have paid $23 or $24 million to his ex-wife in alimony. Paying that over a seven-year period, even after selling a lot of properties, he adds, leaves a person with a lot of hard work to do just to earn the rest. Cleese noted that he used to have five properties but only has one now.

The actor and his third wife did not have children during their marriage, so he does not pay her for child support. Although he has gone through three divorces, Cleese still has not given up on marriage. In August 2012, he married a fourth woman, who is 43.

When it comes to determining spousal support payments in a divorce settlement, there are no guidelines or tables that stipulate the payment amounts like there are for child support. However, lawyers may calculate alimony to even the playing field between ex-husband and ex-wife when they move into their new lives.

Source: The Huffington Post, "John Cleese's Alimony Payments Are No Laughing Matter", January 31, 2014

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