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Police officers aid single dad struggling to raise son

Single parents in Georgia might be interested to hear about the case of a single dad who ended up receiving aid from police officers. An officer had reportedly seen the dad's 10-year-old son walking around without any shoes on. When the officer took the boy home, he discovered that the child had little clothing to his name and that the father-son pair lived with little furniture in their apartment.

The officer was inspired to provide aid to the dad after finding out that the father raised his son on his own without any child support or government assistance for him. Additionally, the father makes child custody payments for two other children that he has. To help the pair, the officer and his lieutenant provided the boy with shoes and clothing and helped secure furniture for their apartment from donations made by a local church.

The father expressed his gratitude at their officers' aid. Moreover, this is reportedly not the first time that police officers have come to the aid of struggling single parents. Police in Charleston, West Virginia, bought diapers and other necessities for a single mother after they caught her trying to shoplift the items.

Single parents who are trying to support their children all on their own might benefit from seeking the services of a family law attorney who may be able to help them receive child support orders from the child's other parent to help provide them with financial support. Parents are legally obligated to provide financial support for their children until they are 18. Attorneys might be able to help people obtain child support orders from judges if they don't already have them established in divorce settlements. Attorneys might also be able to help them seek enforcement of their orders.

Source: Huffington Post, "Cops Help Struggling Single Dad", August 21, 2013

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