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August 2013 Archives

Police officers aid single dad struggling to raise son

Single parents in Georgia might be interested to hear about the case of a single dad who ended up receiving aid from police officers. An officer had reportedly seen the dad's 10-year-old son walking around without any shoes on. When the officer took the boy home, he discovered that the child had little clothing to his name and that the father-son pair lived with little furniture in their apartment.

Mother of murdered neurologist seeks child support for grandchild

Georgia residents may have heard about a case that has received nationwide attention, involving a 64-year-old man who is in jail after being charged with killing his wife. The maternal grandmother, who lives in Maryland, was granted custody of the couple's six-year-old daughter in August. She then filed a petition seeking child support.

Georgia divorcees can avoid typical post-divorce family issues

Divorced parents may frequently struggle to adjust to separated life. Many overcompensate for the breakup, which can exacerbate children's separation anxiety, sense of instability and loneliness. Most parents can nip family issues in the bud by remembering one basic rule: the children's wellbeing comes first. Ex-spouses who share custody of their children may seek total control over their children's lives after the divorce, but this is not realistic. Two parents raising the same children may possess different opinions about childcare, and neither parent can expect to control how their ex-spouse raises the children during their parenting time.

Man ordered to pay support to unrelated child

A father of two young boys was surprised to receive a court order to pay $8,500 in back child support for a child that isn't biologically related to him. Each state, along with Georgia, writes its own child support legislation. This particular father, a newly-divorced Michigan resident, had only recently become aware that his estranged wife had given birth to a baby who was fathered by another man.

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