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Tips for going through a divorce

Georgia residents who go through a divorce may feel like it is a rough time emotionally, and though it may be difficult, there are ways to help reduce the acrimony and hassle of ending a marriage. While many people may feel that they have been deeply wronged, which is part of the reason that they filed for a divorce, arguing with their spouse may only make the situation worse. To help smooth the process as much as possible, individuals should not disparage their spouse to their children, try not to focus on getting even and attempt to move on with their lives in a healthy way.

People who have been hurt by their spouse may want to lash out and share their anger, but it is important they insulate their children from this. Badmouthing their ex will only upset or confuse the children and increase the chances of long-term difficulties. If someone has to vent about their ex, he or she should do so with an outside party and prevent the kids from being involved. Related to this, individuals may feel that due to their spouse's actions, they need to get even. While this may feel good in the short-term, spiteful actions are likely to only increase bad feelings and draw out the divorce.

Finally, those going through a divorce should do their best to move on from what has happened. The point of getting a divorce is to get out of a bad marriage, so people should not mentally and emotionally remain in the situation.

Individuals going through a divorce will need to make a number of choices that will impact their future and finances. A lawyer could help someone understand the divorce process and how laws may affect his or her particular situation.

Source: Good Men Project, "10 Tips: Divorce For Grownups", Kate Bartolotta, July 22, 2013

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