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Many considerations for parents going through a divorce

Settling child custody matters can be challenging. However, even after parents in Gwinnett County have determined child custody, there are other things to consider.

For instance, parents must determine who will provide health insurance for their children. Although the parent who has provided the children with health insurance in the past will likely continue doing so, payments for things that aren't covered by insurance may need to be split evenly between parents. However, there may be instances when parents pay according to their respective incomes.

Determining who will pay for car insurance is another thing for parents to consider. There is no set formula for courts to use to determine how car insurance will be paid. Parents usually need to work together to determine if their teenage children need a car as well as who will take care of insurance, maintenance and gas.

In addition to insurance matters involving children, parents should also keep life insurance policies and homeowners insurance in mind.

As Gwinnett County parents who have gone through a divorce know, there is a multitude of matters that need to be settled. Many of the matters center on children. However, property division and alimony payments are critical pieces in any divorce.

Going through a divorce can be an emotional time. Having to sort through challenging issues may make it even worse. That is why it is often best to rely on an experienced family law attorney. An attorney will work hard to come up with solutions that work for everyone involved. With the right help, families can move forward with their new life in a timely manner.

Source: Fox Business, "Split Time: Kids, Custody and Insurance," Susan Ladika, Dec. 6, 2012

Our firm works with families on a variety of family law issues. To learn more, please visit our Georgia child custody page.

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