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What kinds of protective orders are there in Georgia?

When you feel you are in danger or that your children are at risk, you may not be sure what to do. Should you call the police? Do you reach out to family and friends? One thing you can do is talk to your attorney.

Your attorney can help you obtain a temporary restraining order (TRO) that can help protect you and your children from the person threatening you. If your situation is a result of domestic violence, the TRO can help remove the abuser from the home and keep him or her away from you and your children at least temporarily while the case is investigated.

There are two kinds of protection orders in Georgia. One is a temporary ex parte order, or TRO, and the other is a Family Violence Protection Order (FVPO). You may request a TRO on your own as an adult, or any of your children can request a TRO with a guardian or other representation.

A TRO is temporary and lasts only 30 days or until a court hearing. That that point, the court addresses the issue and decides if you need a FVPO. If so, this more permanent order is issued. This order lasts for up to one year but may be extended up to three years.

If the person abusing you or your loved ones violates the TRO or the FVPO, then he or she can face a misdemeanor charge or felony charge, depending on the situation. He or she may also face a jail sentence and fine of up to $1,000.

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