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Parental alienation can be prevented and stopped with help

Parental alienation is a terrifying prospect to divorcing parents. It's when one parent begins to play into a child's fears or to make the other parent seem like a bad person, so the child begins to avoid his or her parent. Children who suddenly vilify a parent tend to be suffering from this condition. It may be a result of a custodial or noncustodial parent poisoning the child's thoughts by saying horrible, untrue things about the child's other parent, or it could simply come down to the alienating things a parent says that make a child feel he or she needs to take a side.

A few ways to avoid parental alienation affecting your child are to make sure you enforce child visitation rights and to only talk about certain aspects of your relationship with the other parent in front of or with your child. For example, if your child hears you speak badly about how his father left you for another woman, then he may become angry and spiteful. He could say he doesn't want to visit his father anymore. If you allow him to make a decision not to see his father despite the court order to do so, you're encouraging the alienation he's already feeling.

Another thing that alienates children is refusing to send or bring in property from the other home. For instance, if your daughter has a favorite stuffed animal, it would be unfair to say she can only have it at your house.

There are many other things parents do that can make a child hate or feel wary of the non-custodial or custodial parent. When a child begins to act out, either during or after a divorce, it's important to talk to a professional about what the courts can do to help. Our website has more information on your rights in this kinds of situation.

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