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3 facts about divorces in America

Most people don't plan to get a divorce; they go into a marriage with the best intentions. Despite this, many people do end up going through this process. Here are a few questions and answers about divorces in the United States that you may be interested in.

Is it really true that one divorce makes you more likely to get a second?

It's more common to get a second divorce if you've divorced in the past. According to the statistics, the likelihood of a first marriage ending in divorce is around 41 to 50 percent. However, second marriages shoot up to around 60 percent, and third marriages have between a 73 and 74 percent chance of failing.

Where do most divorces take place in America?

Most divorces take place in the South, which is perhaps surprising considering that the southern states tend to be more religious and traditional. The Census Bureau has shown that, as of 2009, the American South has the highest rate of divorce with 10.2 per 1,000 men getting a divorce and 11.1 per 1,000 women getting a divorce. The lowest rates of divorce take place in the Northeast section of America.

Does lifestyle contribute to divorce?

In some ways, yes. When you get married, it's typically because you want to see and be around the other person. Since that's the case, having a long commute, long work hours or longer times apart actually hurts a marriage. Ten percent of couples who had shorter work commutes broke up, while 14 percent with commutes of 45 minutes or longer broke up.

Divorces happen for many reasons, and you have a right to finalize yours if you're ready to separate from your partner. With your attorney's help, you can protect your assets and move on with your life.

Source: Fox News Magazine, "The Statistics of Separation: 5 Shocking Facts About Divorce," Nicole Weaver, accessed Feb. 23, 2017

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