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February 2017 Archives

3 facts about divorces in America

Most people don't plan to get a divorce; they go into a marriage with the best intentions. Despite this, many people do end up going through this process. Here are a few questions and answers about divorces in the United States that you may be interested in.

Teen dating violence a risk to Georgia teens

One kind of domestic violence that isn't often discussed is teen dating violence. Victims are sometimes very young; they can be abused or harassed by boyfriends or girlfriends. Just like domestic violence, teen dating violence is about control. It's about one partner having power over the other and threatening or punishing the other person until he or she acts in accordance with that person's wishes.

Parental alienation can be prevented and stopped with help

Parental alienation is a terrifying prospect to divorcing parents. It's when one parent begins to play into a child's fears or to make the other parent seem like a bad person, so the child begins to avoid his or her parent. Children who suddenly vilify a parent tend to be suffering from this condition. It may be a result of a custodial or noncustodial parent poisoning the child's thoughts by saying horrible, untrue things about the child's other parent, or it could simply come down to the alienating things a parent says that make a child feel he or she needs to take a side.