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Is a pro-mother bias still a problem in the courts?

If you're a father looking to go to court for child custody, it's important that you know your rights. Is there a judicial bias against fathers that mothers don't face? There isn't supposed to be, but it's important that you and your attorney look for signs of bias in your case.

In many states, there are no laws that make it impossible for a judge to issue equal custody rights to a father or even to issue sole custody to the father in cases where a mother isn't fit to take care of her children. When there is not a reason for the father to receive less time with his children, there simply isn't a reason for him to not receive shared or partial custody, a fair visitation schedule or even full custody rights in special situations.

Fathers are as much a part of their children's lives as mothers. While there has been a pro-mother bias in the courts in the past, especially for very young children, it has been hoped that the bias has been lessening over time as men and women's rights equalize. Interestingly, in some states, it's nearly never the father who receives primary custody, while in others, a 50/50 custody arrangement is more common.

Your case has its own facts, figures and factors that the court needs to consider. It's important that you can present your side of the custody discussion clearly and show why you deserve sole custody or want to have 50/50 shared custody. With your attorney's help, you can make sure no ruling is biased against you.

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