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December 2016 Archives

Fathers need to be heard in courts

It's important that fathers feel respected when it comes to child custody agreements and parental responsibilities. It's very often that you hear that a mother is being congratulated when she's pregnant. Mothers are often talked about as if they are the only ones who take care of their children. A mother might even be assumed to be the custodial parent when she very well may not be after a divorce.

What happens if your spouse won't agree to your divorce?

Every divorce is different, and some have difficult challenges to overcome. One thing you might have run into is a problem because of your spouse being unwilling to sign the divorce papers. It's true that not every person believes that divorce is the answer, so if your spouse is in disagreement, it can be harder to seek your divorce.

Yes, you can survive the holidays without your spouse

Breaking up, or getting a divorce, when the holidays are coming is devastating. How can you spend time with your family or friends when you won't have your spouse or significant other with you? What do you say, and how should you act? Should you be trying to deal with the holidays and divorce negotiations at the same time?