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Child support is for more than just the necessities

When a person argues about child support, he or she may state common misconceptions about support as reasons why he or she should not pay more or even the amount that he or she has been ordered to pay. For example, there is the idea that children should only receive compensation for the bare necessities. That means things like food or clothing would be covered by child support.

Of course, those things are important, but support has to cover many other expenses as well. It is intended to cover school fees, activities, entertainment and even medical care. It might be better to think of child support as a way to provide the compensation that a child would normally receive if both parents were living together. Typically, a family living in a nuclear household would have two parents providing income, and both of those parents would be providing for the child equally. That's the idea behind child support.

Should child support have to cover extra fees like educational fees or childcare? It may, depending on the situation. For instance, if both parents or one parent has to work, then childcare may be a necessity. Any child support received could be put towards that cost. Likewise, schooling is not free, even in a public school district. Fees for textbooks or uniforms could also be included in child support, so the child has enough to cover the costs without relying solely on one parent's income.

If you're struggling to obtain child support for your child or want to change child support obligations, then it's important to reach out to the court. Child support is a necessity for kids to grow up normally in split homes.

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