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Woman charged after fleeing with three children out of state

You may have recently heard in the news about a woman who disappeared with her three sons, causing them to miss their father's visitation days and breaking court ordered visitation rights. While the mother had sole custody, it's important to realize that in these cases, visitation is still a right of the other parent. If you take your children out of the local area and don't inform the other parent, you could be accused of parental kidnapping.

On May 25, an updated news report indicated that the woman in this case has been charged for taking her kids against the court order for her custody arrangements. The woman now faces three felony counts for interfering with child custody, one for disorderly conduct and three misdemeanors for contributing to her children's truancy.

The complaint against the mother states that she got into an argument with her parents on May 9, 2016, before telling them they'd never see her kids again. She had started taking a medication recently, and family members believe it may have played a role in her change of character.

After the argument, she rented a van in Illinois before driving to Texas. The van was dropped off in Texas, and the mother and her children disappeared. She was only discovered by coincidence when another resident from Lake Geneva happened to be staying in Savannah, Georgia, at the same hotel where the mother was hiding with her children. The three boys, ages 10, 12 and 14, were taken into protective custody when they were found, and the woman was placed under arrest.

Source: ABC WISN 12, "Mom charged after taking off with kids to Georgia," May 25, 2016

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