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9-year-old girl missing, mother fears she may be in Mexico

As a parent, there's no worse fear than losing your child. The risk of your ex taking your children out of your custody could be a worry of yours that your attorney and you need to address with the court.

National news coverage has been following the story of a missing 9-year-old girl. The child went missing on Sunday, May 29, and has not been seen since. While police have some leads, what is most interesting is that the father of the child has a history of taking his children without permission.

According to the mother in the story, she filed a petition in December of 2013 to have her ex return her children to her. He had taken them without permission in September that year. She feared the children would end up being taken to Mexico with the man if he was allowed to keep them in his custody. At that time, the now-9-year-old daughter was not taken, but the girl's two younger siblings were.

The judge in the case in 2013 denied the woman's request to have her children returned, because there was no evidence that the father was breaking any custody arrangements. Since then, the children have been back in the woman's care. Now, her 9-year-old daughter is missing; she went missing from her home.

She previously stated that she was told by her ex that the children wouldn't be with her permanently and that he had arranged to get the children passports when they were in his custody. However, when the father was interviewed, he stated that he didn't know where his daughter was. He's currently in Mexico, because he was deported after a weapons charge.

Source: News-Press, "Missing girl's mother told judge in 2013 father took kids," Michael Braun, June 01, 2016

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