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May 2016 Archives

With the right documentation, your divorce can move forward fast

When you're ready to file for a divorce, you probably don't want to waste any time. Divorces can be complicated, though, so it's important that you take enough time to protect yours right. Rushing can mean you miss things that are important and that could cost you money and time later on.

How will I know how much to pay in child support?

The amount of child support you'll pay after a divorce or separation from your child's other parent will depend on a number of factors. First, the state guidelines will determine how much of your income can be taken for child support. The child support guidelines also look at your living expenses and the needs of the child involved in the case to determine how much you should owe.

Types of child custody and how your rights are affected

When you're seeking a divorce or are separated from your partner, you may need to work out child custody arrangements. It's not fair for a child to have to be passed around day after day, so the court will try to work out an arrangement that is beneficial to the child and his or her mental and physical well-being.

What is voluntarily assumed paternity?

Paternity may be assumed in some cases, particularly when the father is willing to take on the role. Sometimes, even if a man isn't sure of paternity, he'll be assumed to be the father of a child. For instance, if you are married at the time of your child's birth, you'll be assumed to be the father. If you aren't married but decide to get married after your child's birth, you can simply sign a legitimation form to claim paternity over your child.