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What should you know about custody and visitation interference?

When you have custody or visitation rights to your child, those rights were given to you by a judge and are legally binding. If you are meant to see your child every weekend, then your child should be turned over to your care each weekend, unless there is a medical or other predetermined reason that he or she can't be moved or cared for in another location.

Here are a few questions you may have about custody and what happens if you feel your visitation rights are being hindered.

What can you do if your ex isn't allowing enough time with the kids, coming up with excuses for why they're late, or not allowing them to come over?

You have a right to visitation as determined by the court. If you can, talk to your ex and find out why he or she is limiting your time with the kids when it's in breach of your visitation order. Sometimes, there may be a misunderstanding, but other times you may find you need to head back to court to have your rights enforced.

If you don't feel you have enough time with your kids, can you ask for a custody order to be changed?

It's possible you can have your custody order changed if you can prove there's a reasonable change in circumstances to do so or a fear for your children's safety. For instance, if you now live closer to the your children, have a better job, or can provide in a different way, it's completely reasonable to ask to see your children more often.

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