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February 2016 Archives

The legality of being a father in Georgia: How you are recognized

If you're a father living in Georgia, you want to know that your rights are being preserved. Your child is important to you, and in the case that anything goes wrong with your relationship with your child's mother or you need to protect your rights, knowing that you're legally recognized and respected as your child's guardian is important.

Get the help you need filing for divorce in Gwinnett

If you've decided that you want to get a divorce, it's probably with much debate and maybe even sour feelings. The first thing you'll need to decide on is the kind of divorce you're going to pursue. Is someone at fault for the marriage coming to an end, or are both parties to blame in one way or another?

Senate approves bill for tougher penalties for domestic abuse

If someone has been convicted of domestic violence in the past, should that person be exposed to more serious penalties in the case of a repeat offense? If you've been victimized by a domestic violence offender, then your opinion may be that people who offend more than once deserve much harsher penalties. That's what the Georgia Senate believes, too, and soon, you and your attorney may be able to seek harsher penalties for those who are abusive to the people they are meant to be in a loving relationship with.