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Domestic violence in Georgia: 5 Types

Domestic violence can't be allowed in a home. It affects children, their siblings and parents, and it's a negative environment to be part of. Domestic violence in a divorce situation can result in one party having to take out restraining orders and needing to work with an attorney to separate the other parent from the children involved in the case.

Domestic violence is a pattern of abuse that is used to control another person. For instance, a husband hitting a wife, a wife demeaning and blackmailing a husband, and so on, are both kinds of abuse. Both physical and emotional abuse are recognized in Georgia, as well as economic abuse, psychological abuse and sexual abuse.

Each type of abuse is clearly defined. Economic abuse, for example, is when one person controls all the family money. That person may force the other to provide him or her with the other partner's paycheck or even force the partner to stay home and avoid work altogether.

Sexual abuse isn't only abuse involving the couple. It can be when one party goes outside the marriage or relationship to have an affair, or it can be intentionally infecting a partner with a disease.

Physical abuse is also defined differently than some may realize. It can include abuse to the person, but it can also include the abuse of pets. Taking away someone's glasses, hearing aids, medications or other needs can also be considered a kind of physical abuse, since it hurts their ability to get around the home or to function normally on regularly needed medications. Threats of any of these activities also counts as abuse.

Source: Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence, "About Domestic Violence," accessed Jan. 21, 2016

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