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January 2016 Archives

The availability of weapons during divorce; can it be restricted?

A new bill in Georgia does have the potential to help with domestic violence and danger during divorce. A state lawmaker pre-filed a bill that could make it harder for those going through a divorce to get a gun; this is partially in response to some fears that anxiety, tension and drama during a divorce could lead to serious harm coming to one party or the other. However, this is a bill that will face significant challenges thanks to the given right to carry guns in the United States.

Domestic violence in Georgia: 5 Types

Domestic violence can't be allowed in a home. It affects children, their siblings and parents, and it's a negative environment to be part of. Domestic violence in a divorce situation can result in one party having to take out restraining orders and needing to work with an attorney to separate the other parent from the children involved in the case.

Facts about the rights of unmarried fathers in America

Unmarried fathers do have rights in relation to their children. They are biologically connected to their children, and that means they share equal responsibilities to the children with the children's mothers. If you need to assert your rights, your attorney can help, since you may need to file paperwork with the courts.

Wage garnishment dilemmas; new laws aim to right wrongs

If you fail to pay child support or someone who is meant to pay you child support fails to pay, then a wage garnishment used to be a way that the child support could be collected, and it still can be in certain circumstances. However, laws in Georgia have now made it difficult to collect assets from those who haven't paid when the assets have been moved into a financial institution. That means once a person has money in the bank, it can't be touched.

Can you determine your own custody arrangement?

If you're trying to obtain custody of your child, it's important to understand what information you should provide to the courts. One of the most helpful pieces of information is a parenting plan. If you and your spouse can put one together before going to court, then the plan can be reviewed and may be accepted as it is.