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When can a paternity test be ordered in Georgia?

If you're trying to get child support from someone in Georgia or you're trying to avoid paying child support for a child you don't think is yours, then a DNA test can be helpful. A DNA test is nearly 100 percent accurate, so the results can prove whether or not you're the parent of a child. Your attorney can help you with a child support case, but you first need to prove that a man is the father of your child in Georgia.

A DNA test is not always required to show that someone is a parent. Two people could agree on the fact, for instance, signing agreements to say they know each other to be the biological parents of a child. However, a new law in Georgia will allow DNA testing for paternity before child support cases have to go to court. This means that those who question paternity can actually find out before going through a lengthy legal process.

Previously, the way to find out if a person was the father would be to obtain a DNA test order from the court. Now, the Division of Child Support Services offers and orders the tests instead of the courts. This means that the father and mother can find out sooner if the man is the biological father and required to pay child support.

It also helps the Department of Human Services determine paternity before a case ever goes to court, potentially lowering the case load by eliminating the need for a court case for some people. Federal grants may be used to fund the additional tests, which anyone looking for a paternity test should appreciate.

Source: Jacksonville.com, "New Georgia law will allow DNA testing on paternity before child support cases reach court," Lauren McDonald, accessed Dec. 24, 2015

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