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Men claim child support is too high to pay

When you have to pay child support, you depend on the courts to make it an amount you can pay. As a parent who needs to receive child support, this would also be beneficial, because it means the other parent can afford to pay you what you need to take care of your child. Sometimes, child support becomes overwhelming for parents, and that's when it becomes a problem.

How can you take care of a child if you can't cover your own bills? That's a problem some people are finding when it comes to child support. When too much is owed, it can be difficult to pay and still afford to live; one man claims that he was earning around $1,300 every two weeks, but child support was taking up to $500 of that check each time. After taxes, that left him with little to live on. Is that really fair?

The Office of Child Support Enforcement reports that it's true that when the child support orders are hard to comply with or can't be complied with, people aren't motivated to work. If someone can't afford to pay, promotions may be turned down, jobs can be quit and still others may disappear and go underground. Sometimes, courts impute an income, meaning that the support order is based on an income that a person is supposed to have, even if he or she doesn't.

In some difficult cases, a person who doesn't pay child support faces time in jail, but that can add additional strain. In fact, sometimes it's the ex-wife, mothers or others who pay the child support, just to make sure the father can keep working and doing what he can to bring in an income.

Child support shouldn't work this way. If you can't afford your payments, your attorney may be able to help you adjust the order, so you can get back to a normal lifestyle that you can afford.

Source: GPB News, "From Deadbeat To Dead Broke: The 'Why' Behind Unpaid Child Support," Jennifer Ludden, Nov. 18, 2015

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