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October 2015 Archives

Do you need special forms to provide ligitimation?

When you sign papers for paternity, you may think that's all you need to do. Now, you usually can get away with signing the document and filling it out with legitimation included on the paperwork itself. If it's not included, though, you'll need to make an effort to fill out a separate set of documents.

Counseling may help bitter parents be better co-parents

Your child is likely the most important person in your world, but divorces can be messy and lead to complications that influence what he or she sees. How you act with your spouse at this point can leave bitterness, confusion or anger in young minds. One of the things you may want to try is a co-parenting counseling session, which can help you learn to co-parent with an ex-spouse you may not want to see.

Scarface arrested for failing to pay child support

The reason many states are hard on those who don't pay child support is because it affects children the most. Some people may not pay because they feel the money is being used by the parent for the wrong reasons, or maybe they don't want to pay because they feel slighted and unwelcome around their child.

What is a Family Violence Protection Order?

If you have been living with domestic violence and have sought a divorce or separation, you should understand the ways you're protected by law. Your attorney can help you file a protective order, for instance, which can help you avoid any more confrontations with the aggressor.

Children mean divorce isn't really the end

If you are nearing a divorce in Georgia, you are thinking of it as the end of your relationship -- perhaps the end of one of the biggest things that defines what your life is like. It all feels very final. You'll especially feel like this when the case is over and you are officially apart.