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A parenting plan can support a child custody agreement

A child custody agreement and a parenting plan are not the same thing. However, having a parenting plan in place can provide much-needed weight and support to a couple's child custody agreement.

The best way to describe a parenting plan is a written and detailed outline showing how each parent will care for any children of divorce. The plan will address the best interests of the child while often putting to rest the conflict that can surround child custody negotiations. Some of the topics addressed in effective parenting plans include the following:

Parenting Principles: This section typically includes details of agreed upon parental behaviors. It can address minimizing the impact of divorce on the children, restrictions about parental drug use and any other topic that falls into the family principles.

Parenting Time: Here, the spouses can make decisions about when each parent will spend time with the children. It gives the parents an opportunity to agree upon visitation schedules ahead of time, even if the schedule they choose falls outside of typical visitation schedules.

Holiday and Summer Schedules: Often, holidays bring conflict to divorced couples with children. A parenting plan lets the couple decide ahead of time about how to handle the holidays. It is also a good place to address summer vacations from school.

The above are some of the main issues that can arise when making child custody decisions, but they are by no means all of what a parenting plan can include. Other topics include educational expenses, medical expenses, relocation and many others. To learn more about parenting plans and child custody agreements in Georgia, please visit the Lowendick Law Office online.

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