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August 2015 Archives

Child support: Not just for the basics every child needs

Most post-divorce parents responsible for paying child support believe their payments are strictly for the bare necessities of life. These include staple items like food, shelter and clothing for the child. However, as more and more courts in Georgia and elsewhere agree, child support should provide for many elements in the child's entire life. This means the payments can be used to cover things not typically included in a child's list of basic needs.

Can I drop the domestic violence charges against my spouse?

Anytime a spouse must deal with domestic violence in the marriage, it takes a huge toll on the entire family from spouses to children to other relatives. By nature, most people want to avoid public scrutiny about their domestic issues and this often prevents them from seeking legal solutions. Additionally, victims of domestic violence feel a compulsion to continue protecting the abuser, particularly if he or she is a spouse.

Child custody and the child's best interests

Just as parents often do in other states, divorcing Georgia parents may become embroiled in a dispute when it comes to child custody. Many times in a divorce, each parent may feel he or she is the best person to care for the children. Unfortunately, when parents cannot resolve these issues on their own, a Georgia court will assume the responsibility of settling child custody based on the best interests of the child.

Can I legally revert to my maiden name during divorce?

Many women entering into a divorce do not give much thought to what their name will be when the marriage ends. Others may be on the fence about the issue with pros and cons for either choice clouding the decision. Others still may simply want to get out of the marriage as quickly as possible and never even consider reverting to their maiden names.