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Perseverance pays off for a Georgia domestic violence victim

Often after a domestic violence incident, many victims feel like giving up. They may be tired, ashamed or frightened and who could really blame them for such a response? After all, they often feel as if they allowed the violence to happen in the first place and they are simply glad it is over. Logically, people know this is not the case, but that knowledge does not ease these emotions for victims of domestic violence.

A Georgia woman who was severely injured by her boyfriend illustrates the power courage and perseverance can have on the serving of justice. Two years ago, this 44-year-old mother of two was chemically injured and ultimately disfigured by her then-boyfriend. The man reportedly doused the victim's face, chest, neck and arms with industrial-strength drain cleaner, claiming it was an accident caused by slipping.

News reports indicate the man then refused to rinse her off, saying that the 911 dispatcher said doing so would ignite the chemicals. His alleged claim of chemical ignition counters what the 911 operator actually said according to the news story. When an ambulance finally arrived, her skin was seriously injured and permanently scarred.

The victim awoke from a coma two months later to learn that the incident had not been investigated and her attacker was free from justice. Refusing to give up, the victim eventually got her day in court and her attacker was recently convicted of "one count of aggravated assault and two counts of aggravated battery." He could serve up to 20 years imprisonment on each of the counts.

The Georgia woman says this "was a victory for any survivor of domestic violence" and encourages victims to never give up.

While it is often difficult to predict when or if domestic violence might occur, victims can take legal steps to preserve their safety. A good way to start is by speaking with an attorney to explore self-preservation options like restraining or protective orders.

Source: NY Daily News, "Georgia man guilty in acid attack that left ex-girlfriend disfigured," Nina Golgowski, July 17, 2015

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