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Getting prepared for your child custody hearing

Here is a typical scenario in Georgia and elsewhere: You have just survived a caustic divorce and all you want to do is unwind, lick your wounds and get on with life. Sure, it sounds like heaven, but if you have children, you are probably facing a child custody hearing, which means you will have to delay healing for a little while longer.

Child custody hearings occur when the parents could not reach a custody agreement on their own. In most cases, if a couple experiences a bitter divorce, they likely were not able to make child custody arrangements. When the court takes over making child custody decisions, you will still have a voice and so will your ex-spouse. In the interests of making a successful bid for custody arrangements that meet your needs and the needs of your kids, you can get prepared for the proceedings with the following tips.

-- Make an honest assessment of which custody arrangement will answer the best interests of your children-- Try to throw your anger, hostility and resentment out the door-- Ask yourself how your child will benefit from living with you or your spouse-- Conversely, ask yourself how your child might be disadvantaged or deprived by living apart from your ex-- Make an honest assessment of your ex spouse's positive and negative traits-- Consider asking your divorce attorney for advice about how to present yourself in the best light during the hearing-- Honestly consider the benefits of all types of custody arrangements (joint, sole, physical, legal, etc.)-- Finally, be ready for even more of your dirty laundry to make a courtroom appearance

Child custody hearings are almost never easy or pleasant, but by preparing yourself emotionally and legally, you can make the hearing process proceed more smoothly. Learn more about how to successfully petition for child custody by reviewing the divorce pages of our website.

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