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Domestic violence may not always come with obvious warning signs

Stories about domestic violence often include a laundry list of prior offenses, or at the very least, numerous police calls. However, sometimes domestic violence can occur out of nowhere, leaving the victims injured or dead. One such case out of Florida reveals how this can happen.

According to the media, a 31-year-old DeLand, Florida, man killed his 33-year-old girlfriend on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 9, placed her body inside a closet and then called his mother to confess. The man then fled in the woman's vehicle, prompting a search nationwide. When police arrived at the scene, they found the deceased woman in the closet and a 4-year-old boy elsewhere in the apartment.

During the evening of June 10, the boyfriend was discovered at a hotel in Eastern Georgia, taken into custody and charged with second-degree murder. The 31-year-old reportedly told his mother that he and the deceased woman had argued Tuesday night. He went on to say that his girlfriend had grabbed his neck and then kicked him out. Reportedly fearing for his life, the man "went into a rage" and killed the woman.

The news story said the man told arresting officers he knew why they were there when they found him at the Georgia hotel. No cause of death has yet been revealed but reports say an autopsy has been scheduled. The DeLand police report no domestic violence complaints between the couple were ever received.

Many times, incidents of domestic violence escalate in severity. Even small things such as unreasonable demands or especially intense arguments can be an indicator of trouble. This is why it is crucial to take heed of strange or escalating behaviors in a domestic relationship. Georgia residents worried about potential domestic violence can get a protective or restraining order with help from a family law attorney.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, "Boyfriend found in Georgia arrested in woman's slaying, DeLand cops say," Stephanie Allen, June 11, 2015

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