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Does Georgia offer more than one type of child custody?

Family law attorneys in Georgia hear this question a lot during a first time divorce. Divorcing parents want the best for their children and seek to find ways to minimize the impact of divorce as much as possible. Making a child custody arrangement that speaks to the best interests of the children is one way to minimize the negative effects of a divorce.

In a best-case scenario, parents can work out the custody arrangements on their own, with guidance from their attorneys. However, sometimes the court must step in to settle the issue in accordance with the children's best interests. The answer to the question is yes, there are several types of child custody in Georgia. Below is a brief breakdown to consider.

Joint Custody: This can mean joint legal custody or joint physical custody. In legal custody, parents share the responsibility of making decisions for their children. Joint physical custody means the children will spend time in each parent's home in as equitable a manner as possible.

Split Custody: Rare and largely frowned upon, this means one or more child will live with one parent while the other child or children will reside with the second parent.

Sole or Primary Custody: In this arrangement, one parent will be solely responsible for making decisions for the children. The other parent can seek visitation or co-parenting rights if he or she does not already have such rights.

If you are in a divorce or considering a divorce, it is important to keep asking these kinds of questions. When you and your spouse are informed, your decision making regarding child custody and support will likely work out better. A divorce attorney can offer a deep well of resources as you navigate the sometimes-stormy waters of divorcing with children in Georgia.

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