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June 2015 Archives

Domestic violence may not always come with obvious warning signs

Stories about domestic violence often include a laundry list of prior offenses, or at the very least, numerous police calls. However, sometimes domestic violence can occur out of nowhere, leaving the victims injured or dead. One such case out of Florida reveals how this can happen.

Pursuing fathers' rights in Georgia

Many of the children born in the United States go on to be raised by unwed parents. In most cases, it is the mother who has legal and primary custody of the child, often leaving fathers out of the loop. In a May blog post, the topic of using a mother's legal action as a tool for fatherhood showed dads one way to acquire fathers' rights, but there are other ways as well. This post will offer fathers who want to share in the care of their children additional insight into gaining access to their kids.

The benefits of divorcing with help from a lawyer

Couples seeking a divorce in Georgia have a couple of options at their disposal. They can try to go it alone using printed documents provided by the court or a reputable website. Alternatively, each spouse can acquire a divorce attorney to represent his or her interests. In the modern age, many choose to go forward without representation, and while this can work out fine in some cases, it can complicate the issues in other cases.

Does Georgia offer more than one type of child custody?

Family law attorneys in Georgia hear this question a lot during a first time divorce. Divorcing parents want the best for their children and seek to find ways to minimize the impact of divorce as much as possible. Making a child custody arrangement that speaks to the best interests of the children is one way to minimize the negative effects of a divorce.