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Using a child support legal action as a fathers' rights tool

Suddenly having to face legal actions for child support can feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you. However, there are occasions when the filing of a legal action in Georgia might actually help an unmarried father seeking rights to his child.

First, take a look at some of the legal actions a mother or other authoritative entity could file against a father.

-- An Income Deduction Order-- A Contempt Action-- A Lien-- Driver's License Suspension or Denial-- An order for a Garnishment-- A Writ of Fieri Facias

Any one of the above actions essentially acknowledges a parent's existence. A father who has been struggling for fair rights and access to his child could turn such an action in his favor if he has good support from an attorney.

None of the above precisely equals proof of paternity, but it could open the door to a father successfully advocating for his parental rights and thus gaining entrance into his child's life. Many mothers who want to keep the child and father separated may not attempt to file any legal actions, but fathers without fair rights should keep an open mind if such an action does occur.

This is also an example of maintaining a good attitude and turning negative events into positive ones for the child and for the father. It is always important to take legal actions in the enforcement of child support seriously, but working together, a father and an attorney might travel one step beyond mere compliance; they might plant the seed to grow a lifelong bond between father and child.

Source: Georgia Legal Aid, "Enforcing Child Support," accessed May. 12, 2015

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