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October 2014 Archives

The grounds for a divorce in Georgia

Altogether, there are 13 reasons sufficient to justify the dissolution of a marriage in the state of Georgia. One of these grounds for divorce is that the marriage is irretrievably broken. This is called a no-fault ground. The other 12 grounds for divorce involve some type of wrongdoing committed by one of the parties. These are known as fault grounds.

Protecting yourself by obtaining a restraining order

Many Lawrenceville residents fear for their safety when they live with ongoing domestic violence. The threat may grow even more severe when an abused person initiates divorce proceedings or takes other legal action to end the abuse and protect their children and other loved ones from further harm.

Elements of child custody determinations

Parents in Georgia who are contemplating a divorce may benefit from learning more about the statutes concerning child custody and how courts focus on accommodating the best interests of the child. According to Georgia law, there is to be no presumption in favor of either parent. Using their own discretion in the best interest of the child, judges may order joint physical custody, joint legal custody, joint custody or sole custody on a temporary or permanent basis.

Protective orders in cases of domestic violence in Georgia

A protective order may be important for an individual who is concerned about potential violent behavior from a family member. In order to obtain a family violence order, however, it must be determined that a particular relationship between the individual filing and the respondent exists. Additionally, the court must determine that a respondent has been involved in certain types of violent actions and that the individual seeking protection actually needs such protection.