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Child support charges stem from Facebook postings

As many Georgia residents will recognize, social media has become more prominent in legal situations in recent years. While many individuals are warned to consider possible implications of what they post, there are cases in which a noncustodial parent may not realize that their posts could make the case for authorities attempting to enforce their child support orders. When posts on Facebook and other social media sites conflict with what a parent has represented in court, charges may result.

This was the case for a Milwaukee County man who paid an average of 14 cents per day in support for his 3-year-old son. The child has undergone treatment for leukemia, resulting in extensive medical needs and costs. However, the noncustodial father has reportedly paid less than $200 in child support during the child's lifetime. Felony charges were filed against the man, however, after a post was made on his Facebook page where he allegedly bragged about how much money he earned. In another situation, a man was charged for failing to pay child support despite posting photos of himself holding a large sum of cash.

A noncustodial spouse may endeavor to communicate a lack of financial means when support payments are being calculated. Excuses may also be made when a parent is required to appear in court due to these issues. An evaluation of social media accounts may prove helpful if it is suspected that an individual is being untruthful about their income and quality of life.

Because online privacy protections are important, it may be wise to discuss an interest in social media information with a lawyer handling one's child support and custody issues. A lawyer may recommend the proper channels for obtaining non-public information that may play a role in a child support case.

Source: Opposing Views, "Fathers Face Charges For Avoiding Child Support, Bragging About Money On Facebook ", Sarah Fruchtnicht, July 17, 2014

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