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July 2014 Archives

Kenneth Griffin cites irreconcilable differences for divorce

Georgia investors might be interested to learn that Kenneth Griffin, the founder of the $20 billion investment firm Citadel LLC, has filed for divorce. It is not yet known whether his wife will seek a share of the company's assets or how the divorce will effect Citadel's finances, if at all, but despite signing a prenuptial agreement, Anne Griffin might have a claim that would impact the company.

Child support charges stem from Facebook postings

As many Georgia residents will recognize, social media has become more prominent in legal situations in recent years. While many individuals are warned to consider possible implications of what they post, there are cases in which a noncustodial parent may not realize that their posts could make the case for authorities attempting to enforce their child support orders. When posts on Facebook and other social media sites conflict with what a parent has represented in court, charges may result.

How Georgia couples can divide a house in a divorce

Couples who are divorcing usually end up coming to an agreement on how to split up property acquired during their marriage, but dividing a house can be complex for obvious reasons. If one party keeps the house, the other may wish to be paid back for the amount that they invested in it. Complications can arise if the house has decreased in value since the purchase. In such a case, the refinance may net only a percentage of the original amount invested. When this happens, gift funds may be needed from family members to complete the transaction.

Pacers' Paul George petitions for sole custody of baby

Sports fans in Georgia may be interested to learn about a child custody dispute involving Indiana Pacers' Paul George. According to court documents, George is seeking sole custody of a 2-month-old pending the results of a paternity test. In February, he publicly stated that if a test proves he is the father of a New York woman's child, he would embrace it.

Ex-wife of former Dodgers owner must pay legal fees

Georgia baseball fans may have followed the high-profile divorce of former Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt. On June 24, a judge ruled that Jamie McCourt, McCourt's ex-wife, must pay her ex-husband $1.9 million in legal fees. The couple's divorce settlement had stipulated that if one of them contested the agreement, they would be liable for the fees. Jamie McCourt's attorneys have argued that the fees were excessive.