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November 2013 Archives

Pregnant women in bad relationships are in high risk situations

Georgia women planning on having a baby may want to know about the dangers they could be facing if they are in an abusive relationship. Experts say if the relationship is already rocky, pregnancy may tip the balance of power and aggravate the situation. According to the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence, a common denominator with pregnant women who are killed is that there has been a regular pattern of abuse. The assumption that physical abuse is a one-time occurrence when a woman is expecting is false, the group warns.

Number of couples using prenups on the rise

A survey of divorce lawyers recently found that the number of couples opting to sign a prenuptial agreement before getting married is on the rise in Georgia and around the country. The lawyers also reported that more women were initiating the request for a prenup before getting married. Women are now making up a greater portion of the workforce and have more to protect in the event of a divorce.