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October 2013 Archives

Decreasing expenses of divorce

While divorce is often an expensive process, there are ways for Georgia residents to decrease their legal fees and costs. By concentrating on the financial impact of the divorce, spouses may be able to cooperate and reduce their legal fees, leaving both in a better financial position after the dissolution of the marriage.

Candlelight vigil for domestic violence victims in Georgia

An annual candlelight vigil was held for victims of domestic violence in Effingham County on Oct. 8. The vigil was held at the Chamber of Commerce by The Effingham County Victim Witness Assistance Program and the Domestic Violence Task Force. The executive director of Victim Witness was in charge of the ceremony. Candles were passed to those in attendance, and each person lit the next person's candle in memory of those who've died as a result of domestic violence.

Cheating and its affect on divorce

People in Georgia who have discovered that their spouses have cheated on them likely have their emotions running high. Some people want to run out and file for divorce right away upon discovering infidelity. However, divorce experts have discussed cheating and the role that it plays in divorces. Whereas some couples might be able to move on after infidelity, others might not, causing their marriages to end in divorce.

Older divorce and homeownership

Studies are showing that the divorce rate among older generations is on the rise in Georgia and elsewhere, despite the fact that the overall divorce rate has been declining. Older divorcees have to consider how they will support themselves as they enter into the age of retirement.