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Who gets the reward points in a divorce?

Couples in Georgia getting a divorce might be wondering how their reward points will be divided. How travel miles are divided up in a divorce might seem like a small issue to some people. However, to people who travel a lot, hundreds of thousands of travel miles can add up significantly. To some people, travel miles are just as important as negotiating the division of other marital assets like cash, real estate, stock options and more.

Dividing up travel miles might not be the easiest task for couples to complete, however. Some rewards programs offer cash equivalent options, which might be the best options for divorcing couples as they can split the cash value of their reward points. Still, other programs might agree to divide up a couple's reward points and place them in separate accounts, although they might charge a fee to complete this service. Couples should always make sure to read their reward program's terms and conditions because some programs state in their agreements that the transfer of reward points to a spouse in a divorce settlement is not possible.

For reward programs that don't offer a cash equivalent for points, couples can try to do a rough conversion of points to determine the cash value. However, the cash value of different destinations may be more or less at different times of the year. However, divorce experts say that when it comes to dividing up assets in a divorce, it is important for couples to think financially rather than emotionally.

Family law attorneys might be able to help divorcing spouses negotiate settlements with their exes that both parties can agree to. They might be able to help them navigate issues such as child support, child custody, alimony and division of property.

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