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Dwyane Wade resolves property division with ex-wife

Basketball fans in Georgia and across the nation watched as Dwyane Wade, a professional basketball player, reached a divorce settlement with his ex-wife after ongoing drama related to property division between the Miami Heat superstar and his ex-wife was finally settled in July. The woman will receive about $5 million, four vehicles and the home she and Wade lived in together. Part of the divorce agreement stipulates that the pair can no longer make disparaging comments about each other.

The player's ex-wife allegedly picketed a Chicago courthouse holding a sign that said she was left poor with nowhere to live after her break up with Wade. She also supposedly verbalized her complaints to the press. The superstar's attorney countered that he had been paying her $25,000 monthly in addition to paying for her home, vehicles, court fees and more. She clearly expressed her unhappiness with the requirement that she not speak negatively about her former husband.

The divorce case has been ongoing since 2007, although the courts finalized the split in 2010. They gave Wade sole custody of the couple's boys in 2011. However, visitation rights for the mother of the children have not been finalized. The superstar's attorney insisted that his main concern is the welfare of his sons. He stated that Wade's ex-wife suffers from mental instability and added that the courts will decide an appropriate visitation schedule. He also indicated that his client wants to have a civil relationship with his former wife because of their children.

When a couple is attempting to resolve issues in a divorce, they could disagree about a number of issues, such as property division or child custody. A family lawyer might be able to help clients negotiate a satisfactory resolution in the case.

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