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How to keep children out of a divorce

When people in Georgia divorce, it can be an acrimonious time filled with arguments and hurt feelings. If a couple has children, this can often negatively affect their offspring, even if the couple has the best of intentions. In spite of the differences that people who are getting a divorce have with each other, they could try to put them aside to focus on keeping their children from being put in uncomfortable situations.

Some of the biggest sources of problems between couples who have children come from issues related to custody and visitation. Many individuals who divorce consider custody a battle to be won instead of thinking about what is best for their children. As difficult as it can be, parents should focus on creating the best opportunities and environment for their children, even if it means giving up some time with them.

Related to this, parents also often have problems letting go of control when their children are with their ex. When they are visiting their other parent, children may be allowed to stay up later, eat different things or spend more time playing video games than a parent would normally allow. However, in these circumstances, a person has little to no control over what happens, so it is best to let go rather than argue fruitlessly.

Individuals with children going through a divorce may also want to speak with an attorney to help them understand state laws regarding custody and visitation. This could help them ensure that their children are taken care of following a divorce and that visitation and custody is equitable.

Source: Fox News, "4 tips for parents going through divorce," Tina Paone, Thomas Petrelli, April 21, 2013

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