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April 2013 Archives

Divorce mistakes to avoid

Divorce can be a confusing process for Georgia residents. However, spouses who are aware of mistakes that are commonly made during the process may be able to avoid some of the most common pitfalls and can make the situation seem less complicated. One of the most common mistakes that people make during the divorce process is trying to remain friends with the former spouse. There is a difference between trying to make a divorce amicable and making the process more difficult by not allowing time to heal emotionally. Second, it is important to avoid hasty decision-making. People who divorce are often excited about a fresh start and may make major life decisions such as a new car, new place to live or a new, serious relationship. Some people benefit from taking time to process these decisions and make them when the person is in a more settled emotional state. 

Father's rights gaining momentum in some states

Georgia residents may be inspired by the recent story of an Iraq War veteran in another state who is fighting for his rights as a father. After his daughter's birth in 2010, the veteran's girlfriend and mother of his child announced she wanted to break up. Despite the break-up, this former soldier nevertheless wanted to play a substantial role in his young daughter's life. He filed papers with Nebraska courts seeking custody of his daughter seeking joint legal custody and equal parenting time, but he was awarded neither.Instead, he was awarded only standard visitation rights that granted him two nights a week and every other weekend with his daughter. Shortly after receiving the ruling, he turned to Facebook to start his father's rights campaign. This action garnered support from nearly 900 people and led to roughly 150 people showing up at the Nebraska Legislature to show support for a bill that seeks to make equal parenting time more prevalent in court rulings.

Does it help a woman to file first for divorce?

When some marriages end, the decision to divorce by one partner can shock the other person, especially when the husband announces his intentions to his wife before she has time to prepare. However, the woman usually suspects that the marriage is ending and might have time to plan for divorce. One common concern women have is wondering whether there is a legal and financial advantage to filing the paperwork for divorce first. A woman should review several advantages when deciding if she should file for divorce. First of all, she can pull together a team of experts to help her through the divorce process, including a lawyer, a financial advisor, a therapist and a career counselor. Second, she can organize all the necessary documents in order to begin the process. She will need copies of all important financial and legal paperwork, including loan statements, retirement information, vehicle registration, birth certificates, tax records and more. Third, she can have cash and credit available before she files for divorce. She should set aside money for the divorce team and get a credit card as soon as she can.

Judge slaps unconventional sentence on child-support violator

A county chancery judge came up with a punishment that some supporters think will help discourage poor parenting, but others believe it won't really help needy children. After a man neglected to make his child support payments, the judge sentenced him to wear a sign that confesses to his crimes. For three days each week, the man must publicly display his failure to pay, and the penalty will last until he catches up on over two years worth of missed payments totaling more than $13,000. News of this unusual punishment led many members of the public to comment via social media. Some believed that it did little more than embarrass the delinquent dad and his children. They also pointed out that the penalty didn't resolve the issue of the previously unpaid support money. Supporters lauded the decision because they thought it would serve as a warning to other parents who might otherwise fall behind.