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Michael Jordan claims woman's ex is father of child

The woman who is claiming that Michael Jordan, former professional basketball player, fathered her child is refuting the idea that her ex-husband is the biological father of the teenage boy. She has filed a lawsuit and is asking for child support from Jordan although the player's response to the claim includes allegations that she has tried to get money from more than one man as the child's dad.

The woman has asked Jordan to take a paternity test to establish himself as the father of the young man and to pay child support. Jordan has denied claims that he is the boy's father and has moved to have the case dismissed through his lawyers.

Jordan's lawyer claims that the woman established her ex-husband as the father of the boy through her divorce proceedings from that individual. The attorney's response also alleges that the woman has attempted to get child support from others besides the ex-husband as well. The ex-husband has apparently not paid any child support and has not taken an active role in the boy's life.

Questions of paternity, child custody and child support can become very emotional issues and raise complex legal questions. Unfortunately, it is often the children who suffer the most from the embarrassment and lack of financial support inherent in these types of cases. Those who are facing a paternity suit, a child custody battle or are attempting to collect child support from a non-custodial parent may benefit from the advice and assistance of a family law attorney in Georgia.

Source: WLTZ 38 News, "Lawyer: Jordan is child's father, not woman's ex," March 8, 2013

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