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March 2013 Archives

Social Security benefits, divorce and the rights of ex-spouses

A woman who went through two separate divorces after being married to each spouse for more than 15 years wondered about collecting her former husbands' Social Security benefits. She worked although her income did not come close to matching her ex-partners' earnings. She wondered if she could collect benefits from either spouse or just from her most recent husband. In this case, property division can be a tricky question. According to information provided by the Social Security administration, she can collect benefits from the man who earned the most. However, if she remarries, she cannot collect the benefits from either spouse unless her most recent marriage ends. She can receive his retirement benefits if she qualifies at age 62 or older and if her marriage ended at least two years ago.

Michael Jordan claims woman's ex is father of child

The woman who is claiming that Michael Jordan, former professional basketball player, fathered her child is refuting the idea that her ex-husband is the biological father of the teenage boy. She has filed a lawsuit and is asking for child support from Jordan although the player's response to the claim includes allegations that she has tried to get money from more than one man as the child's dad. The woman has asked Jordan to take a paternity test to establish himself as the father of the young man and to pay child support. Jordan has denied claims that he is the boy's father and has moved to have the case dismissed through his lawyers.

Late in life divorce affects retirement savings

The divorce rate for people who are older than 50 has doubled between the years 1990 and 2010. According to a study by Bowling Green University, one in four people who are currently going through divorce are over 50 years old. Older Georgia residents who are going through a divorce may have unique problems when it comes to property division, including the division of their retirement accounts. While many people view a 401(k) or other retirement plan as an individual asset, these types of plans are often a large part of the property division in divorces. However, assets that are accumulated during the marriage are generally considered marital property and subject to division. Because older individuals are often more focused on acquiring the necessary funds that they will need for retirement, their retirement accounts may be more substantial than younger divorcing spouses. 

Athens man brandishes gun at family after consuming NyQuil

A malfunctioning microwave and an unwanted hamburger allegedly fueled a 30-year-old Athens man's anger after he consumed a large quantity of NyQuil. Thanks to his cautious niece, who called 911 after her uncle turned up at a residence angry and behaving erratically, however, a potential domestic violence situation may have been averted. After Athens-Clarke police responded to the 17-year-old girl's report in the early morning hours of Feb. 22 that her uncle was waving a gun around, they noted the man sitting inside, and his wife came to the door and informed the officers that he had disappeared on the prior evening and reappeared around midnight behaving oddly. He had allegedly expressed frustration with a microwave oven and threw it outside, and he told the police himself that he was also upset at his wife for cooking him a hamburger he did not want.