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Couple fighting for child custody after criminal trial concludes

As some Gwinnett County readers know, a divorce can quickly become heated. A recent news story shows just how complex some family law cases can be.

A former surgeon was accused by his wife of drugging and sexually assaulting her. He was found not guilty after a recent criminal trial. However, the saga doesn't end there. The couple is in court again fighting over the custody of their three children.

While the former surgeon was found not guilty in criminal court, that doesn't necessarily mean he will win custody of his children. Both parents want legal and physical custody of their children. The court must decide what is in the children's best interests after hearing from both sides.

The former surgeon's wife filed for divorce in July 2011. In addition to child custody matters, the couple must settle some complex financial matters. The couple owns two homes together. A significant amount of money is also on the line after the former surgeon received a signing bonus in 2011 and sold his business assets. He has since lost his medical license.

The man's wife is also asking for child support and alimony. In August 2011, the former surgeon was ordered to pay $4,250 in child support.

This case is particularly unique. While it is unclear how the case will be resolved, it shows the kinds of issues couples may face when they pursue a divorce.

In order to find solutions that are fair for everyone involved, people in Georgia and beyond would likely benefit from working with an experienced family law attorney. With solid legal representation, couples may be able to settle their differences in a timely manner and move forward with their lives.

Source: Grand Forks Herald, "Divorce trial begins Monday for surgeon acquitted of sexually assaulting wife," Mike Notwatzki, Jan. 13, 2013

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