Information On Temporary Partial Disability Benefits In Georgia

Georgia's workers' compensation law is complex. How much compensation you can receive after a workplace injury depends largely on your injury and your ability to work. If, for example, a physician has determined that you cannot work your normal work hours or cannot continue doing the same duties at work, you may be able to receive "temporary partial disability benefits" (TPD benefits).

Helping You Understand Georgia Workers' Comp Benefits

At the Lowendick Law Office, in Lawrenceville, Georgia, we can help you understand the various types of workers' compensation benefits, including temporary partial disability benefits. Then, we will put our decades of experience to work to get you fair benefits for your work injury.

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Our principal workers' compensation attorney, H. Durance Lowendick, has a thorough understanding of the inter-workings of the State Board of Workers' Compensation. He also knows the judges who decide workers' comp cases and the physicians and specialists who are available to treat workers' comp injuries. These connections can help us quickly determine what type of injury you have and what type of benefits you should receive.

Am I Eligible For Temporary Partial Disability Benefits?

You can file for TPD benefits if you have been injured at work and your injury prevents you from working the same job you were able to work before the injury. Did your doctor clear you to work a job that is at a lesser wage than the job you were working before your injury? Speak to us about bringing a claim for partial disability benefits.

How Much Compensation Will I Receive?

If you are approved for temporary partial disability benefits, you will receive two-thirds of the difference between the average amount of money you received prior to your injury and the average amount you receive now.

Are Temporary Partial Disability Benefits Limited?

Yes. You may only receive temporary partial disability benefits for 350 weeks from the date you were injured. The benefits will also stop if your average weekly wage equals the wage you were earning before the injury. Furthermore, there is a maximum amount of weekly compensation you can receive.

TPD Benefits Information From An Attorney In Lawrenceville

We understand Georgia workers' compensation law from both sides — Mr. Lowendick is a former workers' compensation insurance defense attorney who now uses his knowledge to help individuals find full and fair compensation after an injury on the job.

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